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Sunday, January 17, 2016

I'll go where you want me to go....

Ever heard the Lord works in Mysterious ways? Things go full circle?

I've been looking at Facebook memories everyday.  This week one came up about our move here.  3 years ago this week we drove from Montana toWyoming.  I had been working with the Relief Society President in thethe ward that bears our city's name.  We had an offer to stay with a Family in their ward while Travis did some final things with the Department and we looked for housing.  We were to be here 3 days with 2 days travel down and 2 days back.  Then we were to go back to MT and be there 1 week, finish packing, finish with the other Jobs there and move here. The first day of our travel here our littlest started to get sick.  By evening when we stopped at our motel for the night she was SICK knowing the family we were staying with had a new baby I called the Relief Society president.  She found us another place to stay.  Which was funny because this other gal had already approached her and said you know if plan A doesnt work out let me be plan B.  She told me that and I was shocked.  What a blessing.  Thanks for plan B lady to be listening to the Spirit.
It's a good thing too.  Little one ended up being diagnosed with RSV.
Since the ward had opened it's arms to us (3 families anyway) we wanted to end up in that Ward.
We looked and looked in their ward for housing.  Couldn't find it.
We ended up in the apartment in the FH ward but we knew that was where we needed to be.

Then FH lost part of their ward when they made GW.  We ended up in GW after 4 months.  That was hard because Foothill was so open and loving.  Such a change after hard times in Montana. GW ended up being AWESOME.  2.5 years we were there.
It was funny too because not long after we moved here we started looking at houses to buy  we kept being drawn to the houses where we are now.  At first I thought no way, they are in the other ward and I'm not switching wards.

Our area that we are in now was moved into GW at the same time the apartment was.  Funny stuff.  So we got to live where the Lord directed us AND stay in our ward.

Now our homes are in the first ward.  Today was our first meeting with them.  IT was good.  We had sacrament meeting and then a cookie social.  We met lots of people.
It's funny. 3 wards, 3 years. and we are back in the ward we wanted to be in.  Yet we have loved every minute of our other wards.  We have been were the Lord wanted us each time.  You will never be wrong if you go where HE wants you to go.

The other funny thing? this week we will have someone staying with us who is going through testing with the Department.  just about 4 years ago Husband stayed with a Bishop and his family here to do the EXACT same thing.

And not to be forgotten.  Our Amazing teacher and our 504 team got Son on a 504.  Now all the things his teacher does for him will carry over to next year and the next.... And the District is redoing the way the hand out 504's so hopefully this one wont be ripped away from us like the last one was.

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