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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I know that was you God!

I love this pic and I have felt like this a few times recently.  It's nice to have this feeling.  We went on a family vacation a couple weeks ago.  It was so nice.  No melt downs, no fits.  The little one did get scared of bugs in the bathroom and had to sleep in our room the whole trip and several days after but that was the only snaffu.

We started working in the yard.  It's overwhelming.  So much needs to be done.  We have a little grass.  Little patches here and there, clumpy, terrible.  It's never going to fill in so it all needs to come out.  we had about 4 dozen huge paving stepping stones that needed to come out.  a whole bunch of rock on the side of the house.  All are ant havens.  And spiders.  All needed to come out so our child could enjoy being outdoors.  Since she has panic attacks over bugs. We have already found ants.
Even though the yard work is overwhelming we feel blessed to be able to have a yard to work in. And the time and ability to do it.

The AC is broken and in the process of trying to see if the AC was a fuse we found the heater not turning on either.  ARGH.

So I was outside trying to figure out what to do with the yard and where to start ( after 3 hours of both of us already working out there)  I sighed and looked up and sorta said a prayer, just sorta thinking out loud.  I just said, how do we get this done?

I had this instant thought, there are people out there willing to do the work for free, these are expensive rocks.  So I took some pics, posted on the garage sale facebook page and bam, I had a dozen people wanting to dig them out and haul them away. My first thought was, right... I will go through them all it will take 3 weeks and maybe some will go.

Nope! One said she could come last night to look.  an hour after she got here she had most of them stacked and ready to haul.  a few minutes later the majority of them were gone.  So I contacted person 2.  there is some left you can come when you want in the next couple of days and take a look.  5 minutes later she was out front.  She was stunned at the rock we were giving away.  She was so willing to haul it away and dig it all out at no cost to either of us.  She was so excited and felt very blessed at my generosity.  While I felt very blessed at HER generosity.  Within an hour (I was shocked at her speed!) she had her brother in law here and they had hauled it all away.   Another person had come in the interim and took a few rocks.  Seriously In the matter of a few hours with ease and little work on my part so much got done.  Ants are packing up and moving out.  So many people were blessed.  The one person that had been so amazed had been needing a rock wall but could not afford the rock and had been driving out to the desert to dig out rock there.  We saved her SO much money.  She saved us SO much back breaking work!  How blessed we all were because of a simple prayer, that was only a half a prayer half just speaking aloud.

The AC is now fixed.  We asked around a little bit and the ARP lady that was filling in in the last meeting said oh my husband is an electrician, I will ask him.  Sure enough he came over yesterday and tracked down the problem, a blown fuse.  Unluckily though it blew again so he had to track down why.  Luckily it wasnt hard.  He found it easily and fixed the issue.  We now have a working heater and AC and yes, where we live we might need both in a week. :)

I have been working on becoming a sub para for the school district.  IT has finally happened.  I am starting that on Friday.  and I have a friend who will watch the little one for a good price.  It works for the family because it gives me experience back in the school without taking away too much from my primary duty in the family as Mom.  That is and always will be my primary duty, and I am fine with that. We don't NEED the money I will bring in though it will be nice.  So I can work when I want, and still do the fun things like go with the kids on field trips, go to the gym, go to play groups, all that fun stuff.  Be home when the kids are sick, be home to help with home work, help with dinner...

So yes, sometimes I look up, smile and say, I know that was you God! Thank You!

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